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I think people are making the wrong assumptions here... Some of them way over the top. Fear of the dark? My eyes are physically defective... I wasn't very clear in my intentions when I posted, I admit. I should have put a big fat "HAD THIS GUY BEEN BAD..." at the beginning. Can I clear this up?

1. I didn't think the person was a BG or assume he was a thug and get all freaked out. I was just surprised at somebody appearing out of nowhere, very close, without me seeing them. It was some kid from a church wearing a hooded sweatshirt... He said "What's up" to me, he was friendly. Just surprisingly forward. We both thought it was almost funny that he was dressed a little bit like he was getting ready to rob the place... Body language, tone of voice, etc. was all completely non-hostile.

2. I certainly wasn't going to shoot him. I didn't think about shooting him, nor if I had my gun on me, would I have drawn on him, absolutely not. It was nowhere near anything where I thought to get forceful. Had I been outside of the car, I would have seen him earlier and greeted him first. Situational awareness and being in something other than "Condition White" is always discussed here, what I'm trying to say is that I wasn't very aware, gun or no gun. I'm not edgy, but like I said, I've been practicing things I've read about here, and giving thought to things I hadn't before. You know how there's lots of posts here about what people DON'T see? I've been thinking about that a lot lately.

3. I am not blind at night, but on the road my eyesight gets washed out. It's hard to describe, but glare from lights contrasted with the general darkness makes it too hard for me to judge distances and speeds to drive safely. Often I can't make out the markings at the edge of the road. I asked my opthamologist about this and he said it's very common for people with severe nearsightedness. Basically I don't drive at night. It wasn't as big a deal up north, but here in TX with every main road being 40mph+, I can't risk it at night. As for low-light scenarios, the Glock is going to get a set of Meprolights as soon as I've got the spare change for them. That was a given already. Not that I plan to be anywhere dangerous in the dark at all. General vision isn't a problem at night for me, just driving.

I'm wondering what I wrote that makes people assume I'm paranoid and scared and was about to blow this guy away with the accessory-clad $2,000 Lego-Rail-studded Tactikewl M4 I carry under my seat and polish every hour... I'm not... I was considering this Real Life situation as a hypothetical case.

As for who pumps the gas (or wears the pants!) we have a 21st Century non-traditional relationship. She does the 9-5 thing, I work at home (self-employed) and do "domestic" things during the day. We trade off on the little stuff. It's not that I watch "for" her, or vice-versa, just usually we both Watch, capital W. Unfortunately our nearest grocery store is two blocks down from an apartment complex full of drug dealers, and there's a big cluster of registered sex offenders in the same area. I've been harping on not going there anymore for a while, but sometimes it's just more convenient.
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