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No offense taken, I'm just sensitive to the whole "fear" thing. That seems to be the first phrase that gets thrown against gun owners (I've seen it happen at this forum and others plenty of times), the whole "how can you live in fear?" angle, which is not what it's about IMO... Not in the slightest. It's a tool, like a fire extinguisher, not a crutch or a fetish object. But I'm preaching to the choir here...

I've been making an effort to straighten up, buy decent clothes, look sharp, look confident, etc. It's something I've always struggled with, like my waistline, but I've had some success in that area. Working behind a computer can be a problem though, health wise.

If this guy had been unarmed and looking to hit my GF or something... Let's say he wasn't just a guy handing out church flyers, but somebody drunk or crazy... I would have to come around the front of the car, but no way would he get away with that without a reaction from the both of us, gun or no. I have taken courses on defensive subjects in MA before I moved (I was planning to get my LTC there but the way things panned out, it wasn't worth the time and effort, and it probably would have arrived in the mail a week after I left the state). She knows enough to kick for the sensitive spots and do her best to fight back, too. We both plan to have a spectrum of force options available as well.

Indeed though, having a gun is one thing, being physically capable of self-defense is another... We both have to work on that, her and I. A friend of ours here is learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (I think) right now and he's invited me to go along, which is an offer I can't refuse.
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