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I guess fear was the wrong word replace it with "apprehension" which is more a akin to the reaction you described, I was NOT trying insult you. Also, I am 5'11 and I wear glasses as well, but from training and experience I am VERY confident in my abilities to handle myself in a confrontation. I keep my body in exellent shape because I enjoy doing so as a hobby and I have sought out opportunities to train in martial arts because I enjoy that as well. You might want to consider what you would have done if an unarmed BG had attacked you and your wife while you were carrying. Shoot him? It is my opinion that is it very dangerous to carry if you cannot defend yourself without a firearm against an evenly matched opponent(court's view not yours). You cannot shoot him without murder charges and if he overpowers you he now has your gun. Just something to think about.
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