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Ok. We are talking stats. I got in a weird situation. 19yo, I joined the Navy. The first week or so, the "Seals" came around and asked for volunteers for the Special Warfare program. So, I volunteered and entered the Dive Fair program and was doing well enough. Then they told me I had to relenquish my guaranteed "A" school, as they did not use Cryptologists as Seals. I searched within myself and decided that if I dropped my guaranteed A school and didn't make it through BUDS, I'd be a paint chipper, haze gray and underway with no designation. SO, I refused to drop my guaranteed contract and was forced to leave the dive fair program. Well, things get weird here. At the end of boot camp I was supposed to go to Intelligence School in Pensacola and instead was told that I was going to an Army Post up North. -CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED-? So, another fellow and I that were heading into Naval Intelligence that were both in the DF program got sent to an Army Intelligence School for almost a year, and spent a few months of that time TAD to a Special Forces training unit. It isn't even in my records and the only proof I have of it is going to the troop medical clinic in my med records. What I'm getting at is that going in I weighed 225lbs and when the SF unit kicked me down to 180lbs, I could shuffle 20 miles with no trouble. Before that I could bench 370, squat 600, and leg press over a ton and I could run several miles. After getting chewed up and spit out, I lost perceived strength, but my whole body was stronger instead and I could go forever. Winding up in the Middle East in an intelligence capacity, I had to do intel work for an actual Deployed Seal team. In reality, they were nothing like Marcinco's books. Most of them were fairly small guys that were built like rawhide. No bulging muscles, just wiry strong little bstds. The largest one weighed maybe 170 and he was an officer. No Arnolds or Rambos. Just strangely silent scary little guys.
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