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Windshields and other windows have been structural members of european cars since the early 70's and structural parts of american vehicles since the mid 80's. Ford pioneered the use here, as well as structural roof and A-pillar structures. Ever look at a Fox platform ford (tbirds, stangs, the small LTD, fairmont) and wonder why the A-pillars are so thick and the roof heavy looking?

The previous post about stressed tempered windows popping is 100% right on the money... on older, more flexible cars, particularly those with frames, it's imperative to have a body shop check the frame alignment after even a minor accident, because if the body flexes beyond the limits of the window moulding, *pop*. One crack will do it.... temperature difference can do it too. Next frigid morning you have, if you have a junked car (a "target" car), go pour some boiling water on the back window. It's impressive
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