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If you really wish to "dare", get into the peoples private zones (up close and personal), they don't see you unless you touch and not always then. And when you do, it's to call into suspect your heritage.

Most people are oblivious of what is going on around them. They are either on their cells, or really looking over a price, or deciding on what grease infested wrap thing they wish to buy for lunch.

I took a bag into a store (a big one, won't tell you which) and filled it up, including fresh crab legs and went to the line. It was long so I ventured over to the video section and looked at the covers and then walked out . I wasn't thinking, I usually pay for my stuff and than hit the video section (separate register) and then go.

I was halfway home before I realized that I didn't pay for my stuff (around $30 worth). I went back, no store security on my butt, nothing. I walked up to the register, and with a look on my face explained that I had accidentally walked out without paying and I was here to pay now.

Cashier didn't even blink an eye, rang me up and I paid and left.

No one sees things any longer, everyone is in their own worlds.

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