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When in the AF, I loved the muscle bound folks, slower than all get out when it came to getting the heck out of dodge, gave the enemy something else to shoot at while I booked it outta dodge (just in drills, I wouldn't live a person behind in real combat).

At a flat out dead run, I could do the 1.5 (that's all we had to do when we were doing the run before it turned into the bike) in about 7 min (I know, slow by Army/Marine standards) but the "muscles" couldn't do it under 8 (I forget but I think we did have a 12 min time frame).

Or they could do the "girlie" (ducks real fast ) thing and do the 2 mile fast walk.

Granted, at the end of the run it took me a couple more minutes to compose myself and fully catch my breath but I figure, if you need to get out of dodge, a fast jog just isn't going to do it, a good fast run, that may just save your life (or may not).

But in civey life, I can't do that anymore and I'm not muscle bound either. So the way I look at it:

1. Can I at least run at full speed to cover up to .5 miles away?

2. Can I do so while carrying an 8lb AR (on the back so it doesn't weigh as much), 1 can of ammo (in an ammo can, about 500 rounds boxed, over 1000 unboxed).

3. Can I do #2 while having either a shotgun (4lbs+) or a pistol (28oz) in my other hand?

Granted, I won't be all that fast but it's a plan. I do get funny looks in the neighborhood through when I do this

But, the fact is, I can't. My muscle mass and the muscles in my legs/arms are slowly being eaten away so my plan is this, hunker down and stand my post.

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