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I agree completely with the athleticism proposition. It's not completely size. You rarely will have a 250+ lb athletic guy. Most elite level athletes are in the 190 - 225 lb range.

I still go back with my earlier proposition. Remember, I wasn't talking baseline -- I was talking being able to outman over 95% of potential adverseries.

No, 400 lbs bench for a 200 lb guy is not elite. I'm a powerlifter, I know. I went 418 lbs at 198 lbs in competition and won a national bench competition -- but that was for an older age group. The top guys in their late 20's to mid 30's were doing over 500 in the mid divisions. And the 220's were getting close to 600's.

But back to the athleticism proposition. Many of those powerlifters can't run well. That's why I propose minimum 4.6 on the 40 yd dash (that's not world class, either), and the long distance running.

You can easily get guys like the profile I mentioned in most Division I & NFL football programs -- look at the running backs, receivers, outside linebackers, safeties. I was a recruited for Div I as a safety, and can say that profile is a dime a dozen. Again, I'm talking about being able to out-man over 95% of possible opponents, not baseline for the average Joe.

But I'd apply the same tests for the average Joe, with baseline marks being lower (with the exception of the long-distance running which I'd have to say should be the same).
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