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I know this is an old thread, but something I did just last week made me think of the CCW Printing issue.

I had to wear a heart monitor for 24 hours for some test my doctor wanted. I went into the hospital where they shaved my chest and then stuck little patches of electrodes and wires to my chest area. I had a monitor (electrical unit about the size of a CD case/jacket but about 4 times as thick. OK, it was about 4" x 5" and about 1 1/2" thick. This was the monitor and where all the wires came from. It records my beats and thumps. The monitor fits into a holster much like an Uncle Mikes with an adjustible belt and I wore it around my waist. The holster holds a manual and log to record any heart related events, making it very bulky item to wear.

It kept sliding down as I walked around because it was a bit heavy. So I tried wearing it over my shoulder and crossed to my opposite side waist area but it was more up toward my arm pit and to the front of me. I looked in the mirror and it stuck out like a holstered weapon as I wore it under a thin pullover sweater.

I was walking into several stores, a fast food joint, business offices and about everywhere else within the 24 hrs. NO ONE gave me a second look. I even tried showing it off a bit to make sure people saw it. That was just to see if I got any reactions....NONE, not one curious look from anyone.
I didn't try the bank but I bet I could have. I guess most people don't think about guns unless they see you pointing it at them.
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