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i said baseline! i would wager i'm in better shape than most anyone on this board. 6'0'' 175lbs. 100 straight hindu squats. 1 mile run 6 minutes and 45 seconds. did 39 consecutive dips last week. i wasn't asking for myself, but rather to see what shape you guys kept yourself in. also losangeles, richard marcinko is a liar. westside barbell club doesn't have that many 500lb benchers and they are the strongest gym in the world. it is completely unrealistic to expect someone to bench 400lbs. that would be "elite" powerlifter status for anyone under 200lbs. just stupid. i can bench 225 lbs for 2 reps by the way. that is the test for nfl players so i think anything more than that is just risking injury and is a waste of effort. this was a tactical forum and dern if the powerlifters didn't go all "t-mag" on us. matt furey's combat conditioning is a much better route for average people to get in combat shape. my $.02...
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