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With Hogs stand your ground and empty your

Mag into um. Do not turn your back, do not run, face um and move at the last second, believe me I am fully learned and taught by one of the best in the business.

Yes, a spear is good, so is a strong pole for a waking stick, it will save you believe me. Presence of mind is the key, no panic. Training and practice shooting is the key here. Fear is what you have to be afraid of, do not fear the animal respect it and take proper precautions. Proper mind set is the key.

I was talking to Ashley while on the hunt, he said just start shooting and look for a place to move out of the line of attack, carry a second gun, (he does and so did I) it is a 380 and quickly recoverd for use in case of need...If you are seriously thinking of taking these guys on, have a 44 mag or bigger. I still feel confident in my 9mm but, if I want to go get one and bring it home for pictures I feel the rifle is the way to go 45-70 or something similar.

I am going to get a 358 Win in a lever of some sort soon. I am going to go hunting in the northern Ca area during the wet months. I figure I will get a couple soon... I will keep you posted.

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