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Originally Posted by Top This
Hey Stephen426, just to be clear...dogs are not considered fair game in Korea, only a very small portion of the population eats dog, in fact I believe the laws have changed and outlawed the consumption of dog (I may be wrong on this one, my cousin told me this, it was to enhance the image of Koreans during the Olympics). The ones that do eat the typical stray dog off the street are the same types who do it here in America, the starving homeless. I would doubt that a starving homeless person would have much of a chance against a Wild Boar, even if he/she does know Tae Kwon Do...having a 4th degree Black in it, I cannot remember what techniques were developed for such an attack.
Dogs were removed off the menu during the Olympics because it was considered offensive to so many cultures. A quick search on Google indicates that it is still going on. Supposedly only 10% of the population of South Korea eats dogs. In North Korea, I guess you get your protein however you can. I am Chinese and I know Chinese eat dog as well. My comment was meant in jest rather than racism. I apologize to anyone I have offended in any way shape or form.

As for going hand to hand with a wild boar, my comment was also made in jest. I am amazed at the tae kwon do skill of some of the exhibitions I have seen and I could imagine some of those strikes injuring a wild boar. I guess in a last ditch effort, giving Miss Piggy an upchuggie in the throat or ribs. At least she will have to earn her dinner!
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