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not an opinionated group here, nosiree....

I think I'll take cover before I post just to be safe

My CHL instructor (whom I know I probably refer to too often, but he's a 30+ year veteran of Texas law enforcement) specifically recommends this tactic. The idea is to get the bad guy away from you, with nobody hurt, if possible. I'm not hunting, I'm defending, and that's the difference here.

My instructor said that you have a shotgun, and you use that sound as a warning. You may even use a verbal warning. I don't know about you, but my little 1850 sq ft house isn't exactly going to be difficult to find me in, so "tactical advantage" and "giving away where I am" isn't a real big worry. If it's 3 am, where is the BG going to expect me to be? under the dining table? You rack it and warn him. If he leaves, hot dog. If he surrenders, wait for the cops and good riddance. IF he doesn't, and he keeps coming, he's dead.

Now in our house, reality would be something like this: alarm goes off. I hit panic switch on alarm button while husband gets shotgun. I have XD-40 and .380. Assuming BG comes in either front or back doors, he cannot possibly get past us to get to only son living at home (unless, of course, said son comes barreling out of his bedroom, ninja sword in hand....) One of us is in bedroom doorway; other goes across very short perpendicular hall and we're set to defend. One stands, one on the floor (probably me).

However, all of this is unnecessary because the BG will BREAK HIS NECK on all the s#&% on the floor that youngest son leaves out. Shoes, backpack, said, ninja sword, practice bamboo sword, vacuum cleaner that he ran and didn't put away....

There was a time when it would have been a skateboard. No longer. Our tactical junk defense is second to none. I may start a school.

Sorry. It's late and I got carried away there.

Seriously, the comment about "I don't do that hunting" disturbs me because we are not hunting in this scenario, we are trying to get out of it alive, and, frankly, with the BG alive too and in jail if he makes good decisions and either lays down without so much as a twitch while we wait for the cops, or else flees.

My highly overinflated $.02 worth.

I will not be a victim

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