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6 inch Highway Patrolman target shooting problems

I have a 6 inch Highway Patrolman that I just shot at the range tonight. I've been practicing with it a few times since I got it this past spring. About 3 months ago I had the force cone widened a little to give the gun more accuracy. Still, I cannot seem to get the kind of grouping I want. As a weapon, I'm sure the gun would serve me faithfully. But I was told by the smith I took it to to have the cone adjusted that I should be able to get a grouping the size of a Quarter. Instead as I do now, I get a grouping about the size of the palm of my hand at 15-25
I do a little better with my 4 inch Official Police in DA (VERY good too, with one hand shooting) than with the Highway Patrolman holding with the my right and bracing with my left in SA.
What should I be doing in order to make myself a marksman at 25-50?
Practice? (well that's a given), but what am I doing wrong with it? it must be me. I feel I should be getting better results. Could it be that I am not used to the size and weight of the gun. I feel with the fixed sights, long barrel, large frame and custom work on the cone this should be the most accurate pistol in my collection.

Any thoughts?
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