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Wild Boar attack

SEOUL (Reuters) - This wild piggy went to an upmarket hotel. This wild piggy went to a historic palace. And all the wild piggies were chased by South Korean police.

Police in the capital have been battling an invasion of wild boars that have come down from the mountains into densely populated areas in and around Seoul foraging for food before the onset of winter.

Friday, one turned up at an apartment complex in Kuri, east of Seoul, media reported. Police failed to catch it after a 90-minute chase.

Earlier this week, about 200 tourists were evacuated from Changkyong Palace in central Seoul after a wild boar was spotted on the grounds and hunters and police gave chase.

Last week, a wild boar was spotted near a Seoul luxury hotel. Police, hunters and dogs chased the animal to the banks of the Han River, where the beast drowned trying to swim to safety.

The Seoul city government said this week it planned to form a task force with police and the Korean Hunting Management Association to combat the invasion, which has brought sightings in apartment-block gardens, schools and underground parking lots.

"Wild boars entering the city are dangerous because there are so many people who could get hurt and there are so many obstacles to catching the animals," said Moon Tae-kuk, a hunting association official.

Wild boars can be aggressive when cornered. Those seen in Seoul have weighed up to 130 kg (287 pounds).

Probably not a danger to us here in the US, unless you live in the rural areas. But still possible. Can your CC weapon handle a defensive situation if a wild boar attacks you in the street?
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