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Well I don't know much about MOVIES , I DO know a thing or three about bullets and car glass. I just finished a 3 day "Vehicle Assault" course with carbine (AK-47 ) and handgun (Beretta M-9) conducted by Mssrs. Louis Awerbuck and Scott Reitz. We shot all the types on auto glass with ALL kinda weapons. We even sat in the drivers seat and fired thru the windshield at Targets about 21 feet away.I could write a lengthy paper on all that was learned BUT; just sticking to glass, the side windows crumble in one good hit with a centerfire at least most the time being tempered glass. The rear windows are USUALLY laminated to some extent but may be tempered, at any rate at few hits and they are pretty well gone. The windshield takes LOTS and LOTS of hits from whatever to go away, it is however hard to see out of after a hit or two!
The best way to shoot a gun from INSIDE the car to the outside target is to hold the muzzle and inch or two away from the glass and aim at the target. Sure it may be defleted, but most of the shots we did were not deflected much at 7 yards. 9mm, .40 and .45 did about the same As did the .223,7.62 and ..308 at such a short range. Were talking glass here NOT metal!
Oh yeah good eyeprotection is a MUST (wrap around) as a mist of glass powder is produced from shoot thru the winshield.
Scott related that the north hollywood bandits shot thru windshields andtagged a few people, among a few examples!
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