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Well... this just isn't a yes or no question. There are a lot of factors involved. First off, the front windshield is a different type of glass, and much harder to break than the other windows in a car. The windshield is actually two pieces of glass sandwiching a film of something or other that prevents it from falling apart. All the other windows are safety glass, and is made to shatter without sharp edges (have no idea how that's done). You can't shatter a front windshield with a bullet, and whether or not it will penetrate depends on the angle, the type of bullet, load, and caliber. The deflection angle for a .45 FMJ may be considerably different than, say, a 9mm JHP. The side windows are a piece of cake. I have a gizmo in my duty case that has a spring loaded pin. You just press against one corner of the glass and press the button, and presto! Completely shattered! Being that glass is so brittle, impact shock waves travel through the glass in predictable patterns. The idea is to hit the window at that point whick will send the shock wave through the entire sheet, and the whole thing shatters.
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