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Unfortunately, THIS I know about.

I drove into my church parking lot in my old Windstar van last year and from SOMEWHERE, God knows where, BAM, the driver's side window (not windshield, though) gets hit. I believe the slug went past me and into the seat next to me....certainly, that was the trajectory, from the hole and from the direction it had to be travelling. (No, I did not mess myself, but I tend to go "cold" in crisis and get emotional later when I have time.) At any rate, I was COVERED in glass. It went in AND out of the car. The entire front area of the van was showered in it, and there was quite a little "puddle" of it on the pavement as well.

I have not a clue what it was. There was, as I said, a small hole in the passenger side seat; however, I didn't cut open the seat to look for the slug until months later and who knows where it was at that point, if indeed it was even in there. I called the police, they came, said the window didn't seem to have broken on its own or anything, said it was most likely a shot, took a report, and left.

I went back into church and conducted the choir. Service was starting....

So, at any rate, it shatters, but it shatters into little pebbly type bits, for the most part. Not entirely; I got cut on a few shards, because it sort of radiated out from the little hole. But mostly yes it exploded.

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