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Bullets hitting car windshields

The other night, I was watching AMC and they had some cops and gangster movie with Michael Douglas and (I think) Andy Garcia. The scene I saw was some Japanese moffia thugs were holding up some place and Douglas and Garcia were two plainclothes cops in there and they got into a shootout. Douglas (who looked like he was armed with a 2 inch Highway Patrolman or some kind of N frame S&W and a Detective Special backup) runs outside and shoots at a fleeing car. He fires one shot at the back window and the entire window falls to pieces as though fired from a shotgun...(would even a shotgun do that?) .
Seems silly to me. I see this in movies all the time.

How would one bullet cause a whole windshield (or any kind of window) to fall apart? Wouldn't it just go through and make a hole and hit whatever was on the other side?

If a car was flying at me and I pulled and fired at the driver, would the bullet's trajectory be altered by the slant of the windshield (especially on something REALLY slanted like a corvette? Would it richoche?
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