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Oshman's needs employees like you

Springmom, they could have used you at the Oshman's in Humble. You may recall that it got "hit" by a couple of thugs that broke the glass cases holding their handguns and took off with $10,000 worth . All in 20 seconds.

I spoke with the guy in charge who was not there at the time and from the LEO's saw in the store video, they had surveyed the store the night before, then on the day of the crime walked in, walked through the opposite end of the sports store, picked up some backpacks and walked over to the hunting/fishing section to where the holsters were. While there, some guys were flicking coins at the handgun display cases to see if any sensors would go off. Once they determined that there weren't any, the glass was broken with a 20lb dumbbell and "poof" they were out the back door with a getaway man ready. I hate to say it but the car had Louisiana plates.

What I don't understand is, of all the sections in the store why was nobody manning the gun counter & why no security nobody noticed them placing holsters in the backpacks.

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