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knives! Zombies! Zowie! and domestic violence

LOL. Per the zombies...I'm reminded of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, where Arthur meets the black knight who will not let him pass. Arthur takes off an arm. Guy keeps fighting. Arthur takes off the other arm. Guy kicks him. Arthur takesk off a leg. Guy manages one more whack at Arthur, who then takes off the last leg and goes around him on his way, leaving the torso and head to yell, "IT'S ONLY A FLESH WOUND! COME BACK HERE, YOU...."

On a more serious note, putting the knives away isn't really a bad idea. We had a kid in the Houston area last year that killed his mother with a knife he pulled from one of those fancy knife blocks. He was along with her as she cleaned a house (I want to say Shaquille O'Neal's....pretty sure that's right). He got mad at her and in a moment of anger (when an awful lot of domestic violence is done) grabbed the knife and killed her right there in the kitchen. He was 15 or 16, IIRC. If it's out of sight it may stay out of mind. May not, too, but it doesn't hurt to do this.

The threads on this forum don't talk much about domestic violence because, I'm sure, it does not occur to any of you to commit it, and you're probably not too worried about your wives committing it either. But those aren't the only people that come into your house who are allowed to be there but who, in a moment of blind anger or something else, might in fact become violent. I have had this happen, when a family member who shall remain nameless pulled two knives on me. I did not at the time own a gun, primarily because of my fear that said family member would get it and use it on me but also because I was afraid I might have to pull it on him, and I would rather have died. (Please don't flame me for this, I cannot bring myself to go into all the details, just accept that as data for now, OK?) Anyway, the point is, it can happen, it does happen, and like home invasions and robberies and other nasty things, it happens to those people and at those times we'd have never thought possible.

So yeah, put the knives in a drawer. You could even put a lock on the drawer...leave it open most of the time and lock it when you need to.

As always, my highly overinflated $.02, and YMMV.

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