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This is actually my first post here, so excuse a newbies thoughts on this, but here goes.

1- more than likely if someone breaks into your house, they are already going to be armed so they are not going to be searching for knives in your kitchen.

2- and more importantly, if someone enters your house and they have time to search around, find your kitchen, find your knife block, select a knife from said block to arm themselves, then you have done a horrible, horrible, horrible job of a) making your home a hard enough target to get into that the bad guy passes you by and b) being aware enough of your surroundings that the scumbag actually had the time to search around for a weapon. If you are situationally aware of someone entering your house, you should have plenty of time to arm yourself, call 911 and barricade yourself in your bedroom. Once you do that it doesn't matter if the guy is carrying every knife you own, if he steps through your bedroom door, his butt is yours.

Of course, the situation would change if you had kids or others in the house. I'm lucky in that at night, everything with a pulse in the house is in the bedroom with me. If there is a noise outside the bedroom, something bad is going on.

By the way, this is meant as "you" in general, not "you" specifically.
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