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thanks, guys!

The one thing I would do differently, in retrospect, is something some of my women friends pointed out.... I should have called the store's attention to this guy. Granted, he didn't end up doing anything illegal, but if he was a creep today, he's probably been a creep in the past and will be a creep in the future; and if the constable had had a word with him and perhaps run a check on him, well, who knows???

I appreciate all the positive feedback. It is a good thing for anybody, male or female, young or old, to be aware of who is around and what they are doing and whether they pose any danger or not.

There was a post from a soldier in Iraq on a totally different thread (about carrying in the shower, LOL!) who said that essentially anybody who felt they needed their gun in the shower was a prisoner of their fear. Without getting into that particular debate, I would like to say that carrying that gun is part of the reason I did feel confident enough to deal with the situation. Of course, it may be part of the reason I didn't think to grab a store employee and tell him "head that guy off, he's a creep" or some such too... but it was handled and today, at least, Creep didn't get whatever it was he was wanting.

May every potential victim he runs into have that same outcome!!!!! And if you pray, please pray tonight for those whose outcomes today have NOT been so happy.

Again, thank you all. I feel about ten feet tall reading y'all's attagirls!!!

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