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The most important self defense weapon: the brain!

I had a very interesting experience this morning at a local sporting goods store, which relateds to tactics and training (especially for female readers) which I'd like to share.

I went to said store in order to buy a couple more magazines for my Bersa Thunder .380. The Bersa was with me, in my purse (today's outfit just did NOT work for concealed carry :barf: ) But whether or not I have my gun in my purse, I am, and have long been, wary and alert in public, and today I think it was a really good thing. I had picked up the magazines (two for now, theyre $14 apiece), some acorn scent and wicks for deer season, and was heading back up the aisle. I was not moving real fast, as I have a hip injury that I'm still recovering from, and I was hoping to find some discounted Astros stuff over in the t-shirts racks.

I always scan to my rear every little bit and saw a very nondescript looking guy behind me. As is my habit, I kept him in view out of the corner of my eye every 5 seconds or so. He was staying to my left side (where my purse hangs) and matching my stride. There was room for him to go around. As I turned toward the checkouts, he stayed with me. I swerved over to "look at" some merchandise on my left, which turned me 90 degrees to the left and enabled me to see him better, and also had me stopped. He stopped. At that point, I turned and looked at him straight on. He did not meet my eyes. Stood staring off looking at nothing, then moved on around me and went through the line beyond the one near me. I got into line and kept an eye on him. He stood in the line, but when it was "his turn", he just left the store, no purchase.

I was ready to pull the gun if I needed to, but the thing is, using the brain, the eyes, and the surroundings meant I didn't need to. I will say, I was VERY alert as I left the store in case he was waiting, and yes, my hand was on my gun in my purse. He was nowhere around and a Harris County Constable was in the parking lot, so I was fine.

But it just goes to show again....always be alert, use your head, stay in control of the situation and surroundings.

Not that I'm some paradigm of total defensive readiness all the time, but this time I was paying attention, and it may have saved me a lot of problems.

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