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00Spy: Good civics class perhaps but sounds like it was written by a lawyer not free men. What you seem to be saying is that the slaves must obey the masters and agree to be slaves if the masters so order? And when have they not? "None dare call it treason if you win", that does not sound like the right quote but its close in spirit. I don't think those in the South considered it treason, they were after freedom, correctly or not after all. Those that held the power after the war declared it such, treason that is and made it stick with guns and ropes. Such is the way of histroy and all governments. Lawyers and law come from the barrel of a gun nothing more unless those under such agree. When the only "agreement" allowed is to remain slave then the "contract" is a lie. Its kind of like the feds picking our pockets with their taxs at the point of a gun then forcing us to say thank you. Where is the contract there?
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