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Ok gang, confession time. This thread was actually to prove a point to a friend (and we had $100 on the outcome, thanks for helping me win guys).

Now for the explanation (going to be a bit long, sorry)

I've only been on this forum for a short time, but had noticed certain people had very adamant and forceful OPINIONS. The people in question tended to present their points and opinions as if they were experts and others "just don't know what they're talking about". Frequently suggesting (or outright saying) "you're wrong" or "I know more, so listen to me" , never asking a question about opinions, never exploring concepts outside their own box. It was my belief that these would be the ones who would not post in this thread, and I have yet to see one of them do so.

I commend the ones who did post, it shows that you truly thought about it, and questioning the "why's and wherefore's" are what allow us to grow. Remember, Columbus was told he was wrong, and so were most innovators in every field. Even if you are 100% certain you are right, never stop wondeing if you could be wrong, never stop asking someone why they believe what they do. Even the greatest teacher can learn from the lowliest student, if the teacher keeps an open mind.

Forums like this are wonderous places to SHARE knowledge, the more we argue and the less we ask questions, the more the ones who really do know, the real experts, will stay quiet.

All that being said, instructors are a dime a dozen. Good teachers are rare, and are nothing more than life long students that know something we don't.

Experts, well, this is truly subjective. It depends on who you are compared to. Most of us are experts when compared to novices, and most experts are novices when compared to the "one percenters" (the top of the food chain so to speak). It's funny, the one percenters think of themselves as novices, what does that say about the self proclaimed "experts"?
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