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Another restraining order story


If you haven't already, get the restraining order ASAP! A good friend of mine and his girlfriend moved into an apartment in my building. Things were going good until she went nuts thinking he was cheating. Next thing you know she thinks she's Mike Tyson with a Bruce Lee Kick and starts wailing on him. Now she use to be a gymnast, which means she's little but strong so when she kicks him in the face it actually does some damage. Anyway he shoves her away, they make up and the cycle begins.

Well this process goes on for about two months and he can't take it anymore. She starts getting louder, more beligerent, and combative because he won't hit her and hasn't called the police. (For the record I'm not suggesting hitting women, I'm refering to her noticing his lack of response)

The straw that broke the camels back was when she tells her mom he's hitting her and she calls the police. Now he didn't hit her at all. In fact he was in my place laying low and cooling out. Well we met the police at the door and they talked with both of them and told them both the same thing. WHOEVER GETS THE RESTRAINING ORDER FIRST, WINS!

Next thing you know I'm doing 60 in a 45 to get to the court house at 5:30 in the morning. Luckily her car isn't working so we get the jump start and end up in court getting an emergency restraining order first. Suffice to say in the long end of it he won and kept the apartment plus all his stuff she was trying to take. The restraining order CYA's your A$$ in case the poop hits the fan. Good luck, I'll be praying for ya.
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