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Dude, I love the name....Calvin and Hobbes is the best!!!

Anyhow, I know exactly how you feel. One of my aunts did the same thing. My family has always been really tight. Even with this aunt. But when she found out that my grandmother was terminally ill, oooohhhh boy, she was so far up my grandmother's ass that you couldn't tell where she began and my grandmother ended. The worse part is that she is an aunt by marriage ( ). She thought that my uncle had power of attorney, but he didn't tell her that he signed off that right to his sister. My aunt would go everyday and visit my grandmother. She would take weeks off of work just to go to the hospital and visit. Most everyone thought that she was as nice as could be. Up until my younger cousin repeated a phone call more or less word for word that a call my aunt had with one of her friends about getting everything. And then she found out that my uncle signed power of attorney away. She tried to have my grandmother sign off on it to. It got to the point where no one would communicate with them anymore. My aunt finally got the point. There is still bitter feelings amongst us, but she didn't do anything really stupid and threaten anyone. (I think this is because most of my older cousins and other uncles carry!) I'm sure she figured out to keep her mouth shot when they were around.

Anyhow, I hope your situation improves and best of luck to you and your mom.
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