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Um stop reading Tom Clancy! lol
Seriously it will be quick and violent and so much blood.
Its proven in combat that those who are unproven and/or new to the violence combat brings, wuss out (seen it w/ my "Team Leader"). Plan and simple. Unless you were seasoned in Nam or Iraq or any conflict inbtwn or on the streets (as an officer), youll panic, youll shake, youll freeze up. And even those seasoned will do all of the above a lil bit.
To take action in combat you need to cross the barrier into violence..and it's a very tall, jagged barrier to cross.
Semper Fi!
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"Just relax. Breath normally. All you should see is the front sight post. Ignore the the target. Wait for the pause between breaths and when you feel good about it...ease the trigger back."
-PMI Sgt. Hopkins, USMC
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