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well the aunt hasnt done anything yet, at least nothing illegal or violent. what the aunt has done however, will prove to be much worse in the long run, for the entire family.

they convinced gram to sign a statement revoking my mothers powers of attorney. the lawyer delivered the papers saturday afternoon. the same day they were having a garage sale of grams possessions. the gods seemed to have smiled on them however. they sold everything but the kitchen table by 3pm. couches, end tables, bedroom sets, dressers, everything. in about 6 hours. the goal being, to have the home ready to put on the market, to fund the nursing home gram will have to be placed in.

the aunt showed up as everyone was leaving gram's, jaws dropped to the floor when they saw that there was nothing in the home.

think the aunt was upset enough by being denied money? whoooo boy! this has got to have her laying napalm! however, she still hasnt sweettalked gram into granting her power of attorney and thus she cant get at the money. doesnt matter, since theres only one small bank account that has grams name on it. years ago she had mom transfer all her money into moms accounts. just a matter of time though before they serve papers ordering mom to hand the money over. which she'll do, now she doesnt want to shoulder the responsibilities of making sure all of grams affairs are in order, the aunt has promised to do it all.

oh yeah, they also found out i took grams dog to the pound. no one could care for the dog anymore, its been miserable in an empty home with no one to keep company, it was the right thing to do. turns out the dog was put to sleep. so i'm now on the doo-doo list. almost makes me wish i did what i originally intended to do, in a field with a .22 and a shovel.

so now mom is going to move in with her best friend until this blows over. i'll keep patrolling the neighborhood and do what i can.

the sad part is, now there will be no one who will spend time with gram. the aunt won't, she just wants the money.
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