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Understood, and a difficult choice no matter how you cut it. Let's just hope that it stays just theoretical for all of us.

Trick to avoiding the stairs is to start at the top. Just don't let go of the rope like I did once. Ouch.
It really gets hairy when you're jumaring up that length of Bluewater and aren't sure exactly what that rope's secured to at the top .

A tac team clearing a building is usually a piece of cake. Well trained, teamwork, good equipment, and it goes down very fast and very violent. When it's just you and a couple of patrol officers, things get dicey. I don't mind the ones where granny heard a bump in the night and you find the exterior of the home secure. The ones I hate are the "I came home & found my door kicked in", or worse yet, the "My ex broke in and he has a gun" scenario, and SRT isn't available. It's those that make me wish I was retired .
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