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Originally Posted by stephen426
You guys keep talking about tactical advantage and not giving away your position. How many of you guys are sound sleepers? How about you guys focus on a few more deterrents and then worry about blasting the intruder? I hate to admit that when I am dead tired, I could probably sleep through a tornado. A shotgun in my unconscious hands wouldn't do a bit of good.
Well, I'm only speaking for myself here but I am a very light sleeper. I'm sensitive to out-of-the-ordinary sounds, specifically, i.e. I can sleep through a rainstorm or gusts of wind, but if a branch falls outside, my eyes are snapping open. If someone kicks in my door or breaks my window, I'm definitely waking up, and I'm sure the adrenaline and fear that someone is in my apartment will be more than sufficient to shove me into a fully alert state. I guess it depends on the person, though.
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