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OK, ya'll have pretty well got the mall talked about, whatsay about a pro-football, or any other very large and packed sports stadium? Movie theater? Hospital? Cruise ship? University, college, elementary schools? Be observant- yes, but out of curiosity- how many have taken a neighbor or friend to the range and encouraged CCW classes? How many have started urging folks to push and/or endorse your ideas to your elected officials for change? How many keep up to date with actual security threat info reports? Just curious. How many find it easy to sit back and throw stones and be armchair strategists and know all the answers but don't even lift a finger to help this country out? Just curious.
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I'm going to use the words "clip" and "Long Colt" every chance I get. It grinds my gears to see new members attacked when we all know dang good and well what's being refered to.
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