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Double Naught Spy,

I know you are right that predators exist.
rape, kidnapping, or murder
It is hard not to grow complacent though. I just try not to make enemies and hope that all of my deterrents are enough to stave off a random attack.

My post was to intended to give others ideas for keeping a tactical advantage. I don't sit around my house with my shotgun slung over my shoulder and I doubt that many of us do. Being caught off guard is the worst tactical situation.

Don't get me wrong. If someone broke into my house, I would not hesitate to shoot. Debating as to whether racking a shotgun is pretty immaterial in my opinion. Some people feel uncomfortable with a shotgun ready to rock and roll. Maybe they have kids or maybe they are afraid of accidental discharges.

Besides, how much of a real tactical disadvantage is it if you rack a shotgun? If you are behind a closed door, it is difficult if not impossible for an intruder to locate you. Besides, you can move. The intruder should only have one way in and that should be through the door (unless you have multiple doors going into your room). You just have to train your shotgun at the door and go for cover (hopefully you have something in the pipe that will penetrate the door). If the intruder shoots through the door, what chance will he really have of hitting you unless he knows how your room is laid out and where you are most likely to be? You on the other hand just have blast him through the door. How likely is that in reality?

If you guys are talking about tactical advantages and disadvantages, what about moving for cover? Won't you make noise and give away your position? What about calling the cavalry for backup? Won't talking to the 911 operator give away your position and keep you from using that hand?

If you guys just want to argue an absurd point that makes little to no difference. Go right ahead. Personally, I think its better to concentrate on preventing these situations and give yourself every advantage by having enough time to react if they do occur!
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