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swmike said,
Double Naught Spy

Don't forget, tracers work both ways. Besides, they might set the curtains on fire
Dude, I said that.

It is sort of interesting to compare similar concepts and problems. A lot of people think laser sights, are so bad, like tracers and flashlights, because they give away one's position,
stephen426 said,
One other thing to consider is that most burglers want nothing to do with an occupied house. Why risk getting shot? Why not choose an unoccupied house where he will have more time to rummage for goodies?
I think you missed the point. We are not talking about burglars who are burgling unoccupied homes, but those who make entry into occupied homes. What most burglars prefer to do does not apply here. What most prefer means nothing when you come into contact with one in your home.

You are correct in that most would prefer to avoid conflict and would like unprotected easy scores. Assuming your burglar has made entry into your home and knows people are at home when the burglar enters, that means the burglar is that much more of a threat to you and your family because he is willing to risk confrontation to get what you have.

What burlars prefer to do also means nothing when your intruder is there when you are because the intruder is not after valuables, but to commit some other crime such as rape, kidnapping, or murder - as stephen426 noted.

In the grand scheme and as the homeowner, you have no reason to waste time debating whether the intruder is there for valuables or for lives. The intruder's motives really don't matter. All that matters is that recognize the intruder is present in your home and that the intruder's presence is a threat to your life and the lives of your family members. As such, you need to take appropriate action.

I understand that a lethal response to intruders is not necessarily legal in all states, but then again, home invasion isn't legal in any.
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