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Colt M1917 Question part 2

Thanks for any and all responses to my question yesterday. Last night I took a good look at the revolver and noticed a couple of things.

1. There appear to be 'half-moon' clips mounted on the cylinder face with something, possibly screws. At least, there are two circles in each clip and what appears to be a flat-head groove on each one. I tried to remove the clips with finger force but was unsuccessful.

2. The revolver accepts .45 LC easily and they are seated flush against the 'half-moon clips' attached to the cylinder face but not against the cylinder face itself. The push rod does not easily eject the casings and the revolver must be oriented so gravity does the work.

The previous owners were skilled machinists and had lathes and all other manner of metal working equipment in the home. They also tinkered with everything. I hope they did not permanently affect/modify the revolver.
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