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When a person is in this state, should they lock up their safety, now a danger and should be devoid of their rights, or should they carry on as they have as long as they can before just falling down from total exhaustion.
If you lock up your gun, you are not devoid of your rights. Your rights are still in place, but you are simply choosing not to exercise them. It is sort of the same with voting. If you chose not to vote in an election, your right to vote hasn't changed to being devoid.

If you feel like you have such mental issues (lack of sleep, medication, stress, etc.) that you should not carry a gun, then chances are that you should not be operating heavy machinery such as your automobile. I believe it would be safe to say that a lot more people (relative) get into wrecks due to such mental issues more so than people unsafely discharge firearms as a result of such mental issues.

There is something else to consider. Do you feel you are less likely to get robbed or attacked in some manner while you are having these issues? My guess is that you would be more likely to be a victim because your body language will reflect your mental state and you will have the appearance of being a much easier target. The same goes for people that are sick or feeble.

I don't know how bad off you are/were, but my guess is that you probably are not as bad off for carrying than you think, but I do think you have made a good precautionary choice.

Now, had you been having troubles with anger management, not only would I have suggested you lock up your guns, but that you let somebody else you trust lock up your guns until said crisis passed. From your description, it doesn't sound like you have an anger management issues that pertain here.
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