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I guess as we go through life, and what it may take from us, we don't realize what external aspects may act upon it.

A gun is a tool. A very powerful tool if need to be used. But we need to look at ourselves to know when maybe that tool should be put up.

I just got up and to hit the computer real fast, get a drink of water, and go back to bed.

In life, I'm finding that there really aren't any answers to any questions. Should you carry, shouldn't you carry, if you are tired, should you do this, or that.

I'm finding that it's up to the person to know their limits. And that no one should demand what those limits are except for the person that it affects.

I put up my guns, all are in the safe. I went to plan B which is a total lock down of the house, and I do have enough time to get to the shotgun at least.

I tell you the truth, too many boards will lay out blame or call one irresponsible without teaching, this board, teaches (the members are great) and then one can make a good decision about what needs to be done without a full fledge flaming.

I am grateful for such.

Thank you all.

I'm going back to bed now, I think I have one more thread to read and maybe respond.

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