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...opening fire with the basic guns like AK-47? They would be much more effective then a bomb...
I disagree with this statement. If I was a terrorist intent on killing as many infidels that I can, I would use some sort of IED in as many crowded locations that I could. If I could do some government-sanctioned "red cell" exercise so that we could all see just how easy this would be for someone with the right motivation, knowledge, and imagination (Any government agency who wants me to do this in their jurisdiction can contact me offline - I'd be willing to do it for free).

First of all, a couple of men running into a mall with AK-47s are easier to spot and engage by anyone who also happen to have a gun. This is not so with IEDs. The next time you go to a mall, just take note of the many possible locations someone can put one of these devices whether on time delay or command detonation.

Second of all, running around with an AK-47 is basically a suicide mission. You might as well strap an HFEID on your chest and blow yourself up if you are going to do that. Whereas, if I were to plant these things and be long gone before they go off, I can do this as many times in as many different locations as I want.

Third of all, if you wanted to victimize as many people with rifle fire, do what thos DC criminal snipers did. It still amazes me that no terrorist organization has tried to copy what they did. They pretty much held MD, DC, & VA in panic for all those weeks and teh whole nation captivated. What more can a jihadist want? JM2CW.
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