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Just to add to the warnings, especially about ambien, I had a VERY bad experience with it . A few years ago my doc gave it to me for a couple of weeks. Now early in the evening, I like to enjoy a couple of glasses of wine (I know, I know... lesson learned, and the reason for this post). I only had a nice buzz on, and at bedtime took ambien. Within several days, I woke up with the WORST possible hangover you can possibly imagine! It was horrible! I was burning up with sweat just pouring off of me. I even stood outside in 20 degree weather with no shirt on, and still I was burning up! My head hurt. My stomach hurt. But the worst was that feeling of extreme agitation and jumpiness. The slightest sound had me jumping out of my skin. It took days to get over it . So brotha, heed the warning! Absolutely NO booze while you're taking that stuff, and don't use it any longer than you have to (and you will be tempted to.)
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