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Thanks all.

I have put the firearms into the safe for now. In the house I can get to them if need be but just going to lock all the doors/windows until I get the rest that I need.

Unfortunatly, I had to come to work today. We're short one person (and from what I understand, it's going to stay that way for the future) and my Boss had to take over their job for the road stuff and myself for all the other stuff.

I may go to the doc for sleep aids for this weekend. Thankfully, I have weekends off and can catch up there hopefully.

Yes, I thought about the hallutionations(sp) also, which is must more dangerous to me than alcohol. Haven't gotten them and I doubt that I will but why take the chance.

I guess (and from re-thinking some of my other posts from the past) that part of responsibile gun ownership is to know when it's best to know when to carry/have around and when it's better to put it up for a short time.

Thanks all.

Capt.: No, no one like that around here. I basically have 'associates', not any real friends within my trust circle (long story). Probably the reason that I spend why too much time here .

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