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Wayne, do you have gun savvy friends close to you? Someone who can see you, listen to you, evaluate your state of mind? Someone you can trust to be up front and honest with you? These are the one's I'd ask this question. We can't evaluate your alertness or state of mind without listening to your speech, interpreting your body language, or looking into your eyes. You need someone that can. I hope you have that good of a friend. Problems never seem to come one at a time; they always seem to gang up on you. I understand the importance of job and school, and especially family as mine are all gone now. You can't do anyone, including your uncle, any good if you are in bad shape yourself. To help them, and solve problems, you have to help yourself first. From experience, I'm going to suggest, regardless of the cost, that you take time off from work, from school, from life, and get the rest you need. Your boss and your dean should understand if they're any kind of human beings at all, and I'll bet your uncle would want you to as well. With a little R&R, you can look at things in a new perspective, which will do you, your uncle, and those around you, a lot more good.
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