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The 9/11 hijackers were not incompetent and they certainly planned. They took rehearshal flights.
Someone did plan the whole 9/11 act, and the terrorists carried it out. But there were several times it could have been stopped if we hadn't gotten the "it can't happen here to me" attitude. I would say that the planners were 1000's of miles away. Funny how the leaders don't strap on a belt of explosives and lead the way, isn't it?

They planned how to deal with resistance.
The plan was for an area where they knew there was very little chance for any resistance. They counted on the "sheeple" attitude that most Americans have.

I'm not underestimating their intelligence. But I've also seen the "training video's" with lot's of "spray and praise Allah". I just don't believe they are competent with firearms.

Despite what you hear on the news, our boys are taking them out by a respectful margin.
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