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Whoa! Back up the truck folks...

What does the wife want to do?

What is the [B]wife's[B], feelings about lethal force, does she have physical infirmites/limitations , her attitude in regard to firearms period, getting training, continuing to take an active role in PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for HERSELF?

We have rung this thru the ringer many times already. One cannot change people, places or things. One cannot "make" anyone do anything they do not want to do. One is best advised to NOT pick out a gun for another, and best to NOT give lesson to ones own family, especially a wife.

The wife needs to make a determination for herself. Heck let her read this thread. Do under a search under pax (sorry pax, you do know how I feel about matters) let her read pax's take.

A lady needs a ladies perspective, I believe this.


Now in my day I was involved with something that some may not agree with. Yes I knew the "rules" and such...

Still I was asked to assist with ladies. Domestic Abused, Sexually assaulted, raped, or some in fear of being a victim themselves.

Yes I have given, literally given many a single shot shotgun to a lady to use. We did the training, we had to get past a whole lot of stuff besides 4 rules, and state req's.

You stand there with a lady rape victim, beaten, bruised and beat down, no money, even her child's savings was taken by an abusive husband. In total fear for her kid and herself. Hiding with a relative or best friend.

She has the determination to take responsiblity for herself and kid, and she has grit and gumption. Trains thru the pain and tears...damn straight I gave her a Youth 20 ga single shot and ammo to boot.

She has that right, and by golly sometimes bad stuff happens to good folks.

Another, two broke arms, Marlin 60 is what she got to use..

Now when times get better, money comes to them...improvments in training. lessons and firearms are made.

These ladies wanted it, tooth and nail they wanted it. You get a lady to help, you let the lady do her thing, when asked you do your part.

Now the Maverick last I saw in the paper was $134 at Academy Sports. Good used ones are out there, including Police trade in shotguns and revolvers.

Still what does the wife have to say in all this?
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