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Suppose a crazy guy comes up to me and some friends and starts (he's drunk, on drugs, or just crazy) going bezerk on us swinging his fists or trying to start a fight or even swinging a bat or a bottle. I don't want to have to kill the poor nut, so suppose I pull my revolver and pistolwhip him in the face or over the head. He drops unconcious.
Police get there.
(granted they may take a way my gun as evidence or something like that)
but in the longrun, DO I GET IN TROUBLE because I took my gun out? I wasn't using deadly force by trying to shoot him (although if I percieved a threat against my life, I certainly could have done so...after all if the guy is bigger than me and especially if he has a dangerous weapon). Granted pistolwhipping can cripple someone or even kill them (but then so can a nightstick).

Is pistolwhipping considered deadly force?
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