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Look guys, I'm not trying to be fractious in this forum or anything.

I'm also not looking to discuss politics in the tactical forum. I deliberately put this thread in the tactical forum.

So, with that in mind...

What do you do when the President has sufficient power to declare martial law for a flu epidemic, earthquake, or other incident that effects a region of the US, and the military is present to declare martial law and confiscate weapons? Your bill of rights has just been suspended (that's what martial law is), so there is no arguing with the 4 men with M4's in front of your house with a truckful of all your neighbors' guns.

Tactically, there are several different "gun reclaimation" crews in your neighborhood, and if you choose to open fire, a squad of perhaps 20 army soldiers or LEO will be surrounding your home in seconds or minutes.

Do you attempt to hide the weapons for the purpose of self-defense against criminals waiting for your neighborhood's guns to be missing? Criminals will be looking for easy meat in this type of situation...

Do you fight back against the 20+ army boys in your neighborhood and all the reinforcements they can bring?

It's a tough nut to crack...
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