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First off it was never ment as an insult, and if you think is was YOU are mistaken

I was only trying to make a point, and a simple point.
You cant put millitary and civilian traning in the same group, that was the only point that I was trying to make.
And storm trooper if you think I was trying to trade insults then you diddnt read what I wrote and you diddnt understand my meaning.
gradshooter if you think that I was trying to insult you I am sorry that was not my point, but you placed all three in the same catagory and that is somthing you must NOT do and that was my point.
Civilians train to kill paper in most casses.
Millitary must train to kill people that are trying to kill them.
That is the big difference, that has always been the main difference.
How many are in this forum that have ever had to defend there lives that werent at one time in there life millitary?
And how many have that have been or are in the millitary?
Again I am sorry if any one here thinks that I was insulting the person that started this forum.
I would like to add one thing here, Jason you said:
One of the main objectives of the research is whether or not mental imagery or mental practice can be added as a basic element of marksmanship training

If this is somthing to improve accuracy I would agree with you totaly, and I said in my first reply that sight picture is the most important I still do.
I have 3 rifles that I shoot the most, and I know the sight picture and also what my body does to the guns as there held in different possitions. What I mean by that is the way the gun reacts to the beat of my heart and I know at what point the gun moves that it stops moving for the longest time.
That is where I pull the trigger. I pull the trigger several times in my mind before I actualy do. And some times the gun surprisses me by going off, I dont want to sound like I am not being safe, its not that, its just that my concentration is so complete that time slows, I hear very little around me.
And its one reasion that I pulled a 5 shot group at 300 yards under 4inches just last weekend.
Good luck with your research project, I look forward to reading it and thank you for shairing it with us when your done.
I will be sending you my E mail address and hope you will send it to me when you done.
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