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I would like to reply to Ozzieman's post that training for the military and police is radically different from that of a shooting club. The basics are the same, from the Primary Marksmanship Instructors at Camp Pendelton's WFTB to the local clubs. The basics which include proper sight alignment, sight picture, acquiring proper sight alignment and picture, breath control, timing of breathing, squeezing a trigger as opposed to pulling it, shooting from various stances, light levels as a factor, and judging elevation and windage. Marksmanship manuals for each branch of the military and public ranges are almost identical in their content of the basics, which is to be expected. In any training, the foundation of the basics must be learned and mastered before additional training can be added. One of the main objectives of the research is whether or not mental imagery or mental practice can be added as a basic element of marksmanship training. If it is shown that a correlation exists between mental practice or mental imagery and increased precision and accuracy, it could very well apply to military, police, and civilian training programs alike. It is good to hear personal stories as they may contain useful information. Again, if anyone has any questions or concerns about the validity of the research project, or would like to ask questions or share personal experiences, feel free to contact me or the professor overseeing the project. We do appreciate all of the interest that has been generated and the replies we have received. We look for this project to be completed in a month or two and will then make the final article available to everyone.
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