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Wow. You are a freak.
I have to say, no matter what the dictionary definition, I've never seen the word "freak" used in a positive manner.

Python guy:

This is a good question. Make jokes all you want. It happened in Louisiana. It didn't even take the federal gov't stepping in, the city did it. If it can happen in Louisiana, it can definitely happen in New York. It can happen and will happen again somewhere, mark my words.

Python guy, what would you do if the police came to your door and asked for your guns? Obviously, they know what you have, so you can't hide anything. I take it you would simply hand them over. I think most owners of registered guns would. Would you work toward doing away with martial law? If so, how?

I think most people, most gun owners included, simply trust the gov't to do what's in their best interests. And they will give the gov't the legal power to do whatever it wants. If you don't think the gov't is bigger than ever before and has more power than ever before, I'd have to disagree with you. If you think the gov't has your best interests in mind, I disagree with you.

If or should I say when we give the federal gov't the power to declare martial law whenever the president "says so" we have to expect something like this to happen. It's simply the nanny state giving birth to the police state. We all want to live in perfect safety, right? The federal gov't is catching heck for not responding quickly enough to a natural disaster. They're not allowed to respond until the state asks them to. They want to power to send the military in whenever the president sees it is needed. Trust me, in my lifetime the president will have power to send federal troops into a state whenever he wants. Posse comitatus is outdated in most people's minds. All we need now is to let down our guard.

That can't happen here!

That's what a lot of people said about the civil war. No way American soldiers are going to shoot other Americans. Boy, were they wrong. Bad enough they were shooting military- they burned the families' houses back home, too. And today's enlightened masses say the gov't will never go around knocking on doors to take guns. Never under estimate what a government is willing to do to it's own people.
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