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More medicine

Here's more reasons to be thankful of modern medicine:

A Powder for ye Dissines of ye Head Falling Sickness & hart Quals That Haue Bin Oft Vsed

Whit amber 3ii Diarrhodian 3ii Seeds of Peony (?)ii miselto 3i [b]the fillings of a Deadmans skull (?)i mak all into a very fine Powder & tak of it as much as will Ly on a shilling 2 or 3 nights together befor the new & befor the full moon take it in Saxony or bettony water.

Here's another wonderful cure:

Goose-Dung. The Excrements of most Birds are accounted hot, nitrous, and penetrating; for this reason they pass for inciders and Detergents, and are particularly recokn'd good in Distempers of the Head; but they are now almost quite laid aside in Practice. Elk's Hoof is also esteem of mighty Efficacy in Distempers of the Head. Naturalists tells us that the Creature itself first gave to Mankind a Hint of its Medicinal Virtues; for they say, whenever it ails anything in the Head, it lies in such a Posture as to keep one of its tips of a Hoof in its Ear; which after some time effects a Cure. But this I leave to be credited by those of more faith than myself." English Dispensatory (Quincy), London, 1742.

"For Share & Dificult Trauel in Women with Child by JC"

"Take a Lock of Vergins haire on any Part of ye head, of half the Age of ye Woman in trauill Cut it very smale to fine Pouder then take 12 Ants Eggs dried in an ouen after ye bread is drawne or other wise make them dry & make them to pouder with the haire, giue this with a quarter of a pint of Red Cows milk or for want of it giue it in strong ale wort.

"Beaver's cods are much used for wind in the stomach and belly, particuarly of pregnant women."New England's Rarities (Josselyn), London, 1672. Must be talking about flatulence. "JC" mentioned above can't be Jesus Christ either.

"For ye Toothe Ache"

Take a Litle Pece of opium as big as a great pinnes head & put it into the hollow place of the Akeing Tooth & it will giue preasant Ease, often tryed by me apon many People & neuer fayled. - Zerbobabel Endecott

I think than anyone would feel better with that litle Pece of opium.
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